“We ask a fair bit of our Advocates: reference calls, customer-peer calls, social media help, speaking at events, etc. So we look for ways to give back to them when possible by giving them early access to product release information or the ability to connect directly with a product manager, for example. They’re all happy to participate in Advocacy actions for the simple benefits of increased networking and company exposure, but when we can give them a special thank you or insider access, they truly appreciate that too. Who doesn’t like to be delighted?” - Heather Foeh, Eloqua "Looking for Advocacy Program Information" by Hank Barnes, Gartner Blog Network


Here are some examples of what other AdvocateHub managers are offering as part of their programs: 


 ·  Charitable Donations

 ·  Clothing/Gear

 ·  Posters

 ·  Pre-released products, beta versions

·  Training with Genius’, Best Practices Training   

·  Tools to better utilize your products 

·  Gift Cards for places like Starbucks, Amazon   

·  Technology (Computers, iPads) 


 ·  Conference Passes

 ·  Lunch for your team

 ·  Visit to HQ

 ·  Dinners

 ·  "Happy Hour" Invites to meet your team

Ensure you set up a point structure that is in sync with your rewards. A large ticket item like a computer would require a significantly higher number of points redeemed than a t-shirt.  You also want to ensure that your Advocates level of engagement is in line with the appropriate amount of points they are receiving. To learn more about creating rewards and perks, click here  and here.

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